Richard (Dick) and Clare Roberts are the owners and proprietors of PAWS-A-WHILE.

Five years ago, Dick and Clare decided to purchase PAWS to begin afresh a new venture just following a similar project, without the bed and breakfast or the wildlife sanctuary involved. This couple from Canada visited the site with Dick and Clare at the time of purchase and just the thought of the planning and the work involved to bring about this idea was in itself intimidating.

That is the who, well, sort of. There is also Truffle the top cat, Rosie the second cat, Bonnie and Clyde, the retrievers, Dolly the horse. That's five, remember? We are not going to mention Francis.

Notice below the great accommodation and Clare's flair for detail. So, if you really want to have a very relaxing vacation or rest that suits your itinerary, book early.

Now come the good bits.

Evening meals may be obtained on request at PAWS-A-WHILE with one days advance notice.

The B&B rates and services.

Double / Twin One Night £80
Double / Twin Two Nights £70

Single One NIght £80
Single Two Nights £70

 • Animals FREE

The rates include a full English breakfast in the dining room, or on the terrace... your choice. The shower and the facilities are private and en-suite. The entrance to your suite is also private.

Suite Left Suite Center Suite Right
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