Who is Francis?

I bet that we have your undivided attention.

There may be a surprise or even a PRIZE in the offing for you!

We have a second winner and a new contest!

The correct guess for Who is Gordon? was

"Gordon the Gander".

The correct guess for Who is Philippa? was

"Philippa the Pheasant".


We at PAWS really like animals of all kinds and we do go all out to
protect and give them a safe haven to hunt for a bite of food that can
be found in and around our woods, ponds and fields. We also try to
provide a peaceful rest area before they go on their way.

And, yes, we do have our regulars that we see almost daily... like Murray
the Mole, and Roger the Rook.

BUT, who is Francis? That is the puzzle.

Anyone (family) who spends a night at PAWS has one chance to guess the
identity of Francis. If you guess correctly the identity of Francis then you
win a prize, maybe at a local pub! Look for details in your suite.

Ummm? There is a catch, not fish, but a little bitty detail. Once the identity of
Francis is found once, then the game goes back to zero and the identity
and name of the creature changes.

A hint. It pays to read the small print, especially for this particular puzzle, Who is Francis?
The name of this creature is NOT an alliteration like the other creatures:
Gordon, Philippa, and the examples above.



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